Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for general information about the Kentucky Approving Agency and veterans benefits? Take a look at our top 10 most asked questions, and see if they help. If not, feel free to contact our office. We'd be happy to help you.


How do I apply for GI Bill® VA Education benefits?

Visit the GI Bill® website and select "Apply for Benefits." Once your application has been reviewed, the VA will send you a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) if approved.

Can I use my GI Bill® benefits for anything other than college?

Yes, the GI Bill® can be used at approved on-the-job training establishments, flight schools, non-college degree schools, and apprenticeships. Please visit our approved programs page to view the current approved facilities in the State of Kentucky. You can also contact our office to inquire about a specific vocation or facility.

The Certifying Official at my school or business has changed, what do I need to do?

Contact our office at (859) 256-3235 or email Tammy Bicknell.

Why do veterans receive GI Bill® payments while they are employed full-time in a training program?

The GI Bill® payments that eligible veterans receive are to help veterans get by during the period when their employer is paying a trainees wage. Most veterans find it challenging to live and/or support a family on a trainees wage. This is one way our nation can try to help out those who volunteered to stand watch over us by serving our country.

I haven't received my GI Bill® payment yet, when will I receive it?

You'll need to contact the VA for any payment related questions. They can be reached at 1-888-442-4551, or online through their eBenefits site.

Is an employer obligated to hire veteran trainees if they are approved by the State Approving Agency?

You're not required to hire veteran trainees, but since they make such good employees, we encourage you to hire them.

The school where I am currently using my GI Bill® benefits has been conducting illegal activity or is engaging in activity that is affecting my education and/or training. What can I do?

Please contact our office for assistance at (859) 256-3352.

Can a veteran use his or her GI Bill® at an on-the-job training facility while attending school at the same time?

No. VA Educational benefits can only be paid for one type of training at a time.

How can my school or business become approved to allow veterans to use their G.I. benefits?

Your school or business will need to complete an application for approval with our office by calling (859) 256-3235 or by emailing Tammy Bicknell.

Does a trainee have to be unemployed for any period of time in order to be eligible to receive education benefits for on-the-job training or apprenticeship(s)?

No, you can use your benefits regardless of the amount of time you've been unemployed.